Student Employment Forms

I-9 Form
All employees must file an I-9 Form prior to beginning work at Macalester.  Students must bring their original documentation to the Student Employment Office in 77 Mac and complete the I-9 Form there on or before their first day of work.

W-4 Form Instructions
All employees must file this form prior to beginning work at Macalester. The completed form should be delivered to the Student Employment Office.

Award Release Form
Use this form to request a full release to change jobs completely or a partial release to divide your student employment award between two employers.

Discipline Action Report

Discipline How To
Use this information to guide you in disciplining a student employee.  For termination information, refer to the Student Employment Handbook.

Request for Employment Increase Form
We are currently approving student employment award increases on a limited basis and only for unusual circumstances. When you have earned 100% of your work award, we ask that you stop working so other students who have not been able to earn their work awards have the opportunity to do so. However, we realize that there are situations that may warrant an award increase. 
Examples of an unusual circumstance:  

  • The student is experiencing financial hardship.
  • The student is employed in a position where another student cannot be easily substituted, i.e., preceptor, teaching assistant, lifeguard.
  • The employer is unable to train a new employee for various reasons and cannot function without an employee in this position.

If you feel you have an unusual circumstance that warrants an employment award increase, please complete and submit a Request for Student Employment Award Increase form to the Financial Aid Office for consideration.

Performance Evaluation Student-Worker form (PDF)
Evaluations fulfill several objectives:

  1. To provide each student with individual, constructive feedback on his/her work performance.
  2. To give the supervisor the opportunity to discuss areas for improved performance during the remainder of the year and to solicit additional tasks, responsibilities or projects.
  3. To help students establish a documented work history.

Payrate Change Form
Use this form to change job classification pay rate.

Request for Employment Authorization Form
Use this form to request a no-need student to work for you during the current or following academic semester or year.