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Employer: Athletics
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 37 Listed: 04/20/2023
Hours: 1 to 20 hours / week Location:
Category: Athletics
Employer: Cafe Mac
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 50 Listed: 05/17/2023
Hours: 5 to 10 hours / week Location:
Cafe Macalester, Bon Appetit
Category: Campus Support
Employer: Student Leadership & Engagement
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 1 Listed: 09/19/2023
Hours: 6 to 8 hours / week Location:
Office of Student Leadership & Engagement
Category: Campus Support
Employer: Geology
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 1 Listed: 09/06/2023
Hours: 8 to 12 hours / week Location:
Category: Academic
Employer: Math & Computer Science
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 52 Listed: 04/13/2023
Hours: 4 to 8 hours / week Location:
OLRI 222
Category: Academic
Employer: Residential Life
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 1 Listed: 10/17/2023
Hours: 10 to 15 hours / week Location:
Category: General Office
Employer: Public Safety
Wage: $15.00/hr Openings: 5 Listed: 08/08/2023
Hours: 5 to 15 hours / week Location:
In-person, Macalester Campus
Category: Human Services

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