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Preceptor - Tier 2
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Job ID 5140
Job Type On-Campus Jobs-Academic Year
Employer Philosophy
Date Posted Dec 04, 2020
Category Academic
Job Description

Five preceptors needed in philosophy... please indicate which position(s) you are applying for by sending a separate email to Sara Dion, Department Coordinator (

Each position will be maximum 10 hours per week.

Duties will include:

1. Critical Thinking (2)

  • Supporting student learning by answering questions about the course material and assignments
  • Holding office hours, likely over Zoom
  • Grading homework and other assignments under the direction of the professor
  • Other work for professor as needed 

2. Intro

  • Focus of the preceptor for the Intro class is to assist students in mastering the basic concepts by conducting study sessions
  • Correct homework assignments under professor’s direction
  • Other work for professor as needed

3. Bioethics

  • Help students with their learning through conducting regular (typically once per week) study sessions as well as occasional meetings with students
  • Correct homework assignments and keep records of those grades 
  • Other work for professor as needed (such as class demonstrations and exam proctoring)

4.  Modern Philosophy

  • Assist students in mastering the concepts and skills taught in the course
  • Attend class, help students with homework and grade homework
  • Hold office hours, possibly virtually
  • Other work for professor as needed 
Job Requirements
1. Critical Thinking (2)
  • Will have taken either Critical Thinking or Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Will be able to attend class
  • Philosophy major (preferred)
  • Must be responsible, reliable and clear communicator

2. Intro

  • Must have had the Intro course with A- or above 
  • Must be available to attend classes and conduct study sessions as directed by professor 
  • Philosophy major preferred
  • Must be responsible, reliable and accurate

3.   Bioethics

  • Eligible students will have taken the Ethics course and earned an A- in the course
  • Applicants must be responsible, reliable and accurate
  • Philosophy majors are preferred; also desirable is a schedule that will permit attendance or visits to the class from time to time

4.   Modern Philosophy

  • Must be available to attend classes and meet with students individually or in group study sessions
  • Philosophy major with strong relations to the department preferred
  • Must be responsible, reliable, and accurate
Available Openings 4
Hours 6.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $11.50/hour
Time Frame Spring
Contact Name Sara Dion
Contact Email
Work Location Old Main 108
Phone 6141

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