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Mac EMS - Emergency Medical Technician
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Job ID 6427
Job Type On-Campus Jobs-Academic Year
Employer Public Safety
Date Posted Aug 08, 2023
Category Human Services
Job Description
  1. Serve as lead professional on shifts as needed: responsible for documentation on Patient Care Reports, serve as primary contact on calls for community first responders (SPFD, SPPD) and Macalester response staff; oversee team response to calls

  2. Assess, prioritize, and execute patient care effectively within the scope of current Basic Life Support techniques and practices

  3. Adhere to the protocols established by the Macalester EMS medical director

  4. Ensure that equipment used during a shift is cleaned and restored to proper working order for the next crew

  5. Work respectfully and efficiently on a team of medical providers

  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the EMT’s safety, body substance isolation, and personal protective equipment

  7. Coordinate the care of high-acuity patients to expedite transport to the hospital

  8. Communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with patients, medical team, Macalester staff, and supporting institutions (e.g. St. Paul Fire)

  9. Provide and contribute to a safe work environment for fellow medical providers, patients, and other relevant personnel

  10. Lead EMTs must clearly document patient care on the Patient Care Reports

  11. Always ensure patient confidentiality by adhering to the laws outlined in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Job Requirements
  1. Must have at least one semester experience on Macalester EMS team - as either first responder or EMT  - OR equivalent experience on a comparable emergency response service

  2. Current EMT certification in the State of MN through the EMSRB -or- nationally through the NREMT

  3. Be able to lift 50 pounds

  4. Be able to safely handle and use emergency medical equipment and personal protective equipment.

  5. Be in good standing with the College (not on academic or conduct probation)

  6. Be an active member of Macalester First Aid student organization

  7. Be able to meet the minimum number of shift requirements in a semester

  8. Attention to detail in all records and patient care

Available Openings 5
Hours 5.0 to 15.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $15.00/hour
Time Frame Spring
Contact Name Connor Christenson
Contact Email
Work Location N/A
Phone N/A

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